This is the first time a black cardinal has been appointed in the US amid controversy over racism. On Sunday, Pope Francis officially announced his name. A total of 13 cardinals were declared that day.

The Pope’s announcement was not expected. But during a speech by the Vatican, the pope named 13 new cardinals. This time the Pope has taken two extraordinary and important decisions in announcing the name. The first is that this is the first time a black American pastor has been made a cardinal. He is Washington’s Archbishop Wilson Gregory. He has previously chaired the Archbishop’s American Conference three times.

America is now in a frenzy about racism. This issue has been repeatedly raised in the presidential election debate between Trump and Biden. There have been ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests across America. In such a situation, it is important to make a black priest a cardinal.

The Pope’s second important decision was that the four cardinals appointed this time were under 60 years of age. He is also the Archbishop of Rwanda, Philippines and Chile.

The Pope’s decision shows that he wants someone to succeed him who will follow his policy.

Pope Francis told fans gathered at St. Francis Square in Vatican City that a ceremony would be held on 26 November. There, 13 newcomers will be officially promoted to cardinal. Source: DW

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