Five children dead – no confession from mother so far

A few days ago, five children were found dead in Solingen. The mother is suspected of killing her. But to this day, she has not commented on it.

The 27-year-old mother, who allegedly murdered five of her six children in Solingen, has not yet disclosed this to the detectives and the judge. A spokesman for the Wuppertal public prosecutor’s office announced this on request on Tuesday.

A judge had issued a warrant for the suspect’s arrest on Friday for five-time murder on the bedside in a clinic and had previously given her the opportunity to comment. A full interrogation was not yet possible, said prosecutor Heribert Kaune-Gebhardt.

Researchers suspect emotional overload

The 27-year-old, who threw herself in front of a train on Thursday and was seriously injured, is still in hospital and has not yet been transferred. There is no history of mental illness. As soon as the situation permits, the woman will be examined accordingly.

Police officers discovered the five deceased children Melina (one year old), Leonie (two years old), Sophie (three), Timo (six) and Luca (eight) in their apartment in the Hasseldelle neighborhood of Solingen. The investigation into the cause of death continued on Tuesday. In particular, it would be necessary to wait for the toxicological analyzes.

The time of death of the children is also still unclear. Although the breakfast situation found in the apartment suggests that the children were still alive on Thursday morning, this is not certain. Investigators found evidence that the children were drugged and then choked or choked.

Prosecutors suspect the single mother committed the act in emotional overload a year after her husband’s divorce. The marriage is broken. The family was already known to Jeugdzorg Solingen before the deed. However, there were no findings about a potential risk to the children.

The eleven-year-old son survives and is cared for by his grandmother

Their eldest eleven-year-old son was the only child to survive. He had taken the train to his grandmother in Mönchengladbach before his mother attempted suicide.

North Rhine-Westphalia State Victim Protection Officer Elisabeth Auchter-Mainz said she felt that the boy and grandmother were well cared for in Mönchengladbach: “ In such a situation people need time – and this time must and be himself. Grandmother to be given. “

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