The French Open should start in Paris on September 27 – five players will not be able to attend. The French tennis association has excluded you from qualification due to positive corona tests.

Shortly before qualifying, the organizers of the French Open made the first corona cases of the tournament public. Two tennis players who wanted to participate in the qualifying that started on Monday had tested positive for Covid-19, according to a press release. The two unnamed pros are therefore not participating in qualifying, as are three other players who were in close contact with a positive-testing coach. Here too the organizers did not give names. The player quintet and the coach are now in quarantine for seven days.

The tournament will be criticized anyway, because Roland Garros will play matches for spectators. The organizers are currently planning with 5,000 fans a day. Former world-class player Nicolas Kiefer gave up in an interview with Chillreport to think: “Paris is a corona risk area – because then spectators are allowed, which is really dangerous for the players.” Only at the end of the tournament will it be possible to judge whether it was the right decision. It is also a test: if it goes well for the first few days, you can continue like this. But if something happens, it is also possible that the remainder of the tournament will then take place without a spectator. “

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