The corona pandemic has hit Brazil hard. Football still plays in the South American country. A club now has a lot of business. There will be no postponement of the match.

The coronavirus outbreak at Brazilian football champion CR Flamengo turns into an antics game. The top club from Rio de Janeiro called on the Supreme Court (STJD) in view of at least 16 infected players to postpone the league game on Sunday in SE Palmeiras due to an “absolutely exceptional situation”. But neither the opponent from Sao Paulo nor the national association CBF want to know about a rejection.

Relocation “not possible”

After a video conference with the professional clubs, the association decided on Thursday: If 13 healthy players with a negative coronavirus test are available, the match will continue. That is why Flamengo received a fax in the evening: “Unfortunately we have to let you know that it is not possible to reschedule the appointment.”

Flamengo claimed to the STJD that of the 34 players originally on the squad, three were injured and three were given to other clubs in addition to the 16 infected with the virus.

Diego also gets sick

The opponent also ignores the fact that the other twelve players were in close contact with the infected until the end and that there is also a risk of contamination. Also on Thursday, the Palmeiras players confirmed in a communiqué: “In connection with the match in question, we do not feel any danger to our health in any way.”

For the Copa Libertadores game at Barcelona Guayaquil on Tuesday, Flamengo had to remove seven players from the roster due to positive corona tests, including ex-Bremen Diego. The next day, after returning to the Sugar Loaf, nine more players joined, six of whom were on the field a few hours earlier in the 2-1 victory in Ecuador.

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