Munich (dpa) – Bayern coach Hansi Flick has appealed for solidarity in society in view of the tightened corona restrictions.

“We now have a situation where we have come back through a lot of recklessness,” said the coach of the German soccer champion from Munich. “Many professional groups suffer from it, so you have to show solidarity.” This also applies to the government, which in turn has already announced aid measures. “Those who can work are really privileged in this regard and should try to handle the issue in an exemplary way.”

Flick single-handedly talked about the Corona crisis after being asked about Fritz Walter-era values ​​such as humility, modesty and loyalty to the association. Terms like this or community, loyalty and solidarity are also important in this day and age, Flick said. Fritz Walter, who died in 2002, would have turned 100 on Saturday. He stood for core values ​​and was “a huge role model for any team,” said Flick or Walter.

Flick sees his own team and himself as important role models in difficult times. “I wear the mask as often as I need to, keep my distance and have less social contacts,” said the 55-year-old.

On the other hand, without a distance or mask, he is confronted with images of demonstrations or spectators in football stadiums. “That is incomprehensible to me these days,” he criticized. “We have to accept that, go through it and see how everything develops over the next two, three, four weeks.”

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