When Mike Pence and Kamala Harris recently fought a TV duel, a fly stole the show from them. On the Kopf the vice president really liked it. Now this sight is turning into a weird Halloween disguise.

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For Americans, one of their most popular seasons has just begun: Halloween is upon us. Not only are pumpkins carved into spooky grimaces, people throw themselves into bowls in many places and it can’t be weird enough.

Since there is one topic that moves the masses in the US, this is of course also taken into account in Halloween disguises: the US presidential election on November 3. To mark the occasion, Republican Mike Pence and Democrat Kamala Harris recently took part in their only TV debate. A fly fell in the process on the silver hair of the US vice president. Although the two protagonists paid no attention to the animal, the fly nevertheless became number one on social networks.

“Make your head great again”

The disguise industry is now hopping on this train. Under the motto: “Make Your Head Great Again” (in German: Make your head again) based on Donald Trump’s motto: “Make America Great Again” (in German: “Make America Great Again”), the website “3 Wishes” a wig modeled after Pence.

The good piece can be bought for $ 49.95, the equivalent of about $ 39. You are the eye-catcher at every party, the company writes. There is even the flag of the USA in the form of a badge.

“ The fly that sat on Pence’s head for two minutes is arguably the best remembered part of the evening, ” FiveThirtyEight website journalist Nate Silver wrote after the TV debate about the uninvited guest. in the studio.

A number of viewers also laughed at the funny incident, posting satirical tweets and humorous collages online.

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