In a new commercial, the AC Milan superstar calls for more caution in times of the corona pandemic – in pithy terms that he knows.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who recently survived Covid 19’s disease, has been hired by the northern Italian region of Lombardy for an advertising campaign to combat the corona pandemic. In a video, Ibrahimovic urges citizens to wear face masks and adhere to security measures.

“The virus challenged me and I won. But you are not Zlatan, don’t challenge the virus. Use your brain, stick to the rules: distance and face mask, always. We will win!”, Emphasized Ibrahimovic. Video recorded on the terrace of a high-rise building in Milan.

The 39-year-old AC Milan high-performer tested positive for the coronavirus in late September and completed a two-week quarantine. The striker has scored four goals in four games since his return.

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