In the winter air, the hair becomes dry and lifeless. Some of our habits may cause hair loss more quickly in winter. Learn what to do to help make the way easier.

Do not apply hot water on hair
In winter, many of us bathe in hot water. However, it is better not to apply hot water on the hair at all. If necessary, add very little hot water and then wash your hair. Julus loses his hair very quickly at the touch of warm water. Wake up quickly explode.

Don’t go out with wet hair
Do not go out with wet hair during winter. Winter winds are very harmful for the hair. Do not go out immediately after bathing, dry your hair and then go out. If necessary, dry the hair with the cool air of the hair dryer.

Limit the use of hair styling tools
Winter is the season of festivals. Occurs at various occasions or wedding parties. As a result, the use of hairstyling devices is slightly higher at the moment. But the use of such devices leaves a lasting effect on the hair. These devices are one of the reasons for hair breakage, roughness or falling out. Avoid them if not very important.

Awareness in the use of clothes is important
We use different types of hats or caps during winter. However, all clothes are good for hair. For example, wool absorbs moisture from the hair quickly. As a result, the hair becomes lifeless. Choose silk fabric when using a scarf or hat.

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