Former Bayern boss criticizes the DFB for Franz Beckenbauer

Bavaria’s honorary president, Uli Hoeneß, has sharply criticized the DFB for its treatment of the “Kaiser” Franz Beckenbauer – and demands the association’s gratitude.

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Uli Hoeneß has a bad way of dealing with the German Football Association Franz Beckenbauer on the occasion of the “Emperor’s 75th birthday” suspect. The association did not honor Beckenbauer sufficiently, who became world champion with the national team as a player (1974) and team boss (1990) and who also made the World Cup final to Germany in 2006. Beckenbauer, with whom Hoeneß (68) played at FC Bayern for years and with whom he later also led the club, is now far too much ‘reduced’ to the inexplicable circumstances surrounding the allocation of the 2006 World Cup.

“Gratitude is very important to me in life”, Hoeneß said on Sunday on the TV channel Sport1. He missed the fact that the DFB positioned itself accordingly for Beckenbauer’s 75th. “Because German football and the DFB benefited so much from Franz Beckenbauer during the 1974 World Cup, the 1990 World Cup and the 2006 World Cup that they should be grateful to him for a lifetime,” said Hoeneß.

“A single success story”

The German record champion honored Beckenbauer on Saturday, one day after his 75th birthday, in a small, select group with a festive reception in the Allianz Arena in Munich. The fact that Beckenbauer bought votes for the 2006 World Cup was “absolutely wrong”, assured Hoeneß, who personally passed this judgment: “The life of Franz Beckenbauer is a great success story.”

The so-called summer fairytale process in Switzerland was halted at the end of April due to the statute of limitations. The proceedings concerned outstanding payments of the equivalent of EUR 6.7 million from 2002 and 2005. Beckenbauer had received a loan for this amount from entrepreneur Robert Louis-Dreyfus. The money flowed into the accounts of then-FIFA official Mohammed Bin Hammam from Qatar. The refund was made three years later from a DFB account through FIFA.

“I’m sure the money has not been used to buy votes,” said Hoeneß. FC Bayern’s honorary president argues that without the 2006 World Cup, there wouldn’t be an Allianz Arena in Munich, like many other modern stadiums in Germany. “The DFB has earned hundreds of millions of euros. The treatment that Franz receives is not okay,” says Hoeneß.

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