Stuttgart (dpa) – Former Bundesliga manager Andreas Rettig attributes the diminishing equal opportunities in professional football to the high millions in payments in the Champions League.

“The crazy Champions League money is poison to any national competition, it disrupts the competitive balance, equal opportunities in the competition. And they create false incentives and exacerbate the so-called rat race,” said the 57-year-old Stuttgarter Nachrichten.

Regarding the national league, Rettig is hoping for reforms to the “Future Professional Football Task Force” recently launched by the German Football League (DFL). “That would be a real loss of confidence if there were little tangible out of all the announcements,” he said. “It should propose measures that strengthen the integrity and balance of competition.” One of the topics should be “moving away from the priority pursuit of sales maximization”.

In the distribution of television money in the Bundesliga, Rettig would welcome the introduction of some sort of efficiency quotient. “A comparison between capital invested and point earnings at the end of the season would be an important step,” said former SC Freiburg manager, 1. FC Cologne and FC Augsburg. “Point return should be set in relation to capital injected. Performance should be worthwhile, but also comparable.”

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