Former DFL Director: Andreas Rettig criticizes “distortion of competition”

Cologne (dpa) – Former German Football League (DFL) Director Andreas Rettig has criticized the Bundesliga’s different approaches when stadiums are opened to the public.

“I think that, despite sympathy for federalism with decentralized individual solutions, the path taken is wrong with regard to the fierce competition with each other,” wrote Rettig in a guest article for the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” in view of the planned game of RB. Leipzig goes to Mainz 05 in front of 8,500 spectators.

The same preconditions should apply everywhere in the national games. “Imagine a relegation first stage as a ghost race in NRW at the end of the season – and the second stage in Saxony in front of a sold-out house. The outrage would rightly be great”, explains Rettig. He could not understand why the league could not wait until October 31 for “the outcome of the working group set up by the prime minister for a nationwide solution”.

The DFL missed an opportunity to “show the edge here”. And RB Leipzig missed “a good opportunity to show a special commitment to solidarity by voluntarily renouncing the stadium’s officially approved spectator support.” It remains to be seen whether this ‘distortion of competition’ does not lead to ‘grounds for objection’, as the sporting odds should not depend on whether a club is located near a meat-producing company or in a federal state that is less affected, ”said Rettig.

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