Berlin (AP) – Former DFL director and Bundesliga manager Andreas Rettig has criticized the new distribution of television money in German professional football.

“I think it is sending a bad signal from this distribution resolution. Knowing that a will to change has been declared and a task force has been set up and many have shown themselves humble. Then such a decision comes out, which is a step aside. and not ahead, ”said 57-year-old TV broadcaster Sky.

If the argument of stability and perspective, planning security for the clubs was in the foreground, “this is surprising, because the consequences of this pandemic will affect the clubs in the coming years and especially the smaller ones. The big ones are getting bigger and bigger and bigger. the little ones are getting smaller. in this phase, in which they then have to pay off their loan.

The German Football League (DFL) has not given new impetus. Moreover, it is not the smaller or medium-sized clubs “but rather the internationally oriented clubs that are preferred”, says Rettig.

According to Rettig, the idea of ​​solidarity in competition has declined. “FC Bayern, for example, used to be much more in solidarity with Bochum and Bielefeld when I think of the distribution system at the time. There was a redistribution that also supported FC Bayern. Today FC Bayern is in solidarity on its way to the Super League. Juventus Turin and Manchester United. That has been postponed and that is both regrettable and regrettable, ”said Rettig.

As the tension in the Bundesliga, where the championship has already been “awarded”, is being ignored, “in my opinion this will lead to media rights diminishing in the future, so in the end we all have a problem. to”.

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