Former international Mario Gomez has ended his career. He announced this after the last game of the season, after which he saw promotion at VfB Stuttgart.

Mario Gomez fulfilled his last mission by promoting the Bundesliga at VfB Stuttgart and ended his career as a professional footballer. “I am grateful for the time at VfB. It has always been my dream to end my career here. It is all the better that it has now happened with this great success this year,” said the 34-year-old at Sky Sunday. .

Mario Gomez’s last mission

Despite the 1: 3 against SV Darmstadt 98, the Swabians had perfected their return to the Bundesliga. “I had a few moments today with a little Pippi in our eyes. We lost, that’s a bit stupid, “said the striker. “But in the end we went upstairs. That was my last mission for VfB after we messed it up last year. It was my great desire to deal with it.”

“He has had a great career. That’s why he’s part of VfB’s face for me. Stuttgart will always remember him very positively,” VfB icon Guido Buchwald told Chillreport about Gomez’s departure.

“He was always a very nice player: very straight forward, very direct. With a clear opinion and a clear advantage. He was always a contact person for me on the field. We always met each other in the eye,” said former referee Knut Kircher. at Chillreport. “Despite all the successes he has achieved, he has always remained level-headed. Open to dialogue, always approachable, always honest. Of course there were sometimes disagreements – but they are part of it.”

Vehs praise especially to Gomez

Gomez made his Bundesliga debut for VfB on May 8, 2004. With VfB, Gomez was champion of 2007 and German footballer of the year. At the end of his earlier career as a protégé to Chillreport, the then master coach Armin Veh said: “Mario was always down to earth. He is a man, a very intelligent man. He was and was a character-perfect boy, then and now.” At first he had a bit of slime. “But he quickly put it down and that’s why he chose this great path,” Veh continues.

With FC Bayern, Gomez also won the Championship Trophy and the DFB Cup twice, and even the Champions League in 2013. He scored 170 goals in 328 Bundesliga games and became champion and top scorer with Besiktas Istanbul in Turkey. Only his time with the national team remained uncrowned. Of all the people, Gomez missed the successful 2014 World Cup because he was not fit in time.

Ex-teammate Beck: “Nobody has to worry about Mario”

“It has always been my concern as a player to show people that there is still a certain romance in football for me. For me it was the romance to stop here where it all started,” said Gomez.

How Gomez continues is still open. However, his former teammate Andreas Beck is not concerned about the future of the VfB legend. “When a door closes, five or six more will open. The ‘Gomez brand’ is incredibly exciting. No one has to worry about Mario. He has always been someone who has looked beyond the box. “

Buchwald is a bit more specific: “I can well imagine that he will hold an important position at VfB in the coming years. He has enormous experience, he knows the football world both internationally and nationally and has excellent contacts.” Kircher also takes this step: “He was a man with a clear opinion who played football very well. He would certainly also do VfB good in the future.”

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