Berlin (dpa) – Green politician Cem Özdemir no longer sees former soccer world champion Mesut Özil as a suitable role model because of his post-photo affair with Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Ozil was clearly not even man enough to have a conversation with the national team manager when he wanted to visit him on the Arsenal training ground. As a football fan I was sorry, I thought Ozil was brilliant on the field. What a shame he made of himself. and its role in society, “said Özdemir of” Welt am Sonntag “before the friendly match between Germany and Turkey on October 7 (8.45 pm / RTL) in Cologne.

Because Ozil has never distanced himself from the photos with the Turkish president before the 2018 World Cup, he has discredited himself and is no longer a role model, the 54-year-old emphasized. “What is especially depressing about the Ozil case is that unfortunately it pays off especially for those who want to give the impression that people with a migrant background live in hostile territory here in Germany.” After the World Cup two years ago, Ozil resigned from the national team. Özdemir accused Turkish President Erdogan of “misusing and instrumentalizing football for his own ends”.

Özdemir also criticized the construction of Erdogan’s favorite Turkish club, Basaksehir from Istanbul. “Basaksehir is a test-tube association, it symbolizes Turkey’s transformation into a unified society built around President Erdogan,” said the former Federal Greens chairman. “Basaksehir is a symbol that aims to break the power of traditional clubs.” Fans of other clubs such as Besiktas had protested against Erdogan in the past. Basaksehir won his first championship this summer and will play against RB Leipzig in the preliminary round of the Champions League.

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