Berlin (dpa) – Bernie Ecclestone will certainly look forward to a surprise from Sebastian Vettel.

For the 80th, the Hessian had come up with something: to match the humor of the quarrelsome Briton, there was a walker, of course pimped up thanks to Vettel’s Red Bull racing team. Have split up. Ten years later, Vettel probably has a funny present ready for Ecclestone’s 90th on Wednesday.

Even at 57 years apart, 33-year-old Vettel and Ecclestone have something in common besides a passion for backgammon: As family fathers, they have both become proud fathers of a boy over the past 12 months. However, Ecclestone’s further family planning is not necessarily complete.

Maybe Ace (German: Ass), as the little one is called, “should still have a little brother or sister,” Ecclestone announced. It is their first child with his current wife, Brazilian Fabiania Flosi, who is decades younger than him. Ecclestone has three grown daughters from two previous marriages.

For nearly four years now, Ecclestone has had significantly more time to provide for the family. At the beginning of January 2017, he was dismissed as general manager of Formula 1. The end of an era that began in the late 1970s. At the time, Bernard Charles Ecclestone bought, to many simply “Mister E”, the marketing and TV rights. A man of just six feet tall, growing up in Bexleyheath, Greater London, dropped out of school at the age of 16.

Even as a little boy, Ecclestone’s business acumen awoke and began his professional life as a used motorcycle dealer. But there was also a fascination with racing cars. But the talent as a driver was simply not enough. So what to do Ecclestone started out as a manager, also took care of Jochen Rindt, whose fatal accident hit Ecclestone hard in 1970.

Ecclestone wasn’t good enough to drive a racing car, so at one point he simply took over the wheel of Formula 1 – at least for all commercial matters. Trading, doing business – that was and remained Ecclestone’s profession. For about four decades, he led the financial fortunes of the highest class in motorsport, conquering new, if sometimes questionable, markets in politically sometimes controversial countries.

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Although he himself determined Formula 1 quite dictatorially and true to the motto “divide and conquer”. “We’re not like the Mafia, we are the Mafia,” he once said of the interaction between him and the old head of the World Automobile Federation, Max Mosley.

Ecclestone survived many power struggles and scandals, often with his own sense of humor. When the spectacular fraud trial in Munich was halted after several months in August 2014 for a sum of $ 100 million – Ecclestone was accused of bribing a high-ranking German banker in the sale of Formula 1 in 2006 – the Briton said: “The judge has paid so well. ”He had assured,β€œ I will fulfill the condition, so that unfortunately I will no longer see the men and women in person. ”

You don’t see him that often in Formula 1 – certainly not in the Corona period. The taunts of the first days after his discharge have also disappeared. Which doesn’t mean Ecclestone doesn’t always get people to talk about it and shake their heads. In late July, he had also turned fellow countryman Lewis Hamilton against himself when Ecclestone claimed in a CNN interview in the racism debate that black people are in many cases more racist than whites.

“If someone who has led the sport for decades understands so little of the big problems that black people face every day, how can we expect understanding from the people who work under him,” said six-time world champion Hamilton. . The Formula 1 leadership had also distanced itself from Ecclestone’s statements and pointed out that the Brit was no longer playing a role in the premier class. His title as honorary president emeritus expired in January of this year.

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