Portimão (dpa) – Mick Schumacher’s management declines to comment on the latest speculation. The possible new team boss of the 21-year-old Formula 2 driver is building.

After the Haas bang, the end of the two current drivers on the US Formula 1 racing team, Michael Schumacher’s son’s chances of making the long-awaited jump to the best motorsport class should further increase. But that’s not all: if the German fans had to worry about a season without a German driver a few weeks ago, there could be even three in the coming year.

Because the driver market is moving fast and Nico Hülkenberg’s name is stubborn. At the Portuguese Grand Prix, the 33-year-old is back as a replacement driver for Racing Point. Formula 1 also chose Hülkenberg as one of the possible contenders for Haas in the coming year. According to information from the motorsport premier class, Mick Schumacher should be the best candidate. The 2018 Formula 3 European champion and current Formula 2 leader is already in possession of the super license. What is missing is the car.

Haas team boss Günther Steiner did not want to be named on Thursday. However, the 55-year-old did not rule out that the team could compete with two newcomers next year. Mick Schumacher is also considered a candidate for a place at Alfa Romeo. Haas and this team work closely with Ferrari, and Mick Schumacher is a member of the Scuderia drivers academy – which could almost be described as pole position in the cockpit search.

The son of the record world champion, plus Sebastian Vettel in Aston Martin and Hülkenberg – that’s how Germany could be represented in Formula 1 in 2021. And that after it wasn’t long ago that Vettel’s future was unclear after his upcoming Ferrari exit. , Mick Schumacher had a rather problematic first half of the season and initially almost nothing was heard from Hülkenberg.

At the latest with the announcement of the divorce of Haas from Romain Grosjean (34) of France and Kevin Magnussen (28) of Denmark on Thursday, the driver market really picked up the pace. Sergio Perez is also on the lookout, who has to leave Vettel’s place with the current Racing Point team.

Like many younger drivers, the 30-year-old Mexican also brings a lot of sponsorship money – a decisive factor for teams from the best racing teams. “Money and talent. Talent is more important, but some have sponsors who bring them,” Steiner emphasizes. “We’re looking at all options.”

The same goes for teams and drivers. Hülkenberg has a lot of experience, plus ride quality, which he recently demonstrated as a Racing Point assistant as he went from last place to eighth at the Nürburgring. Even at Red Bull, Hülkenberg is now on the shortlist when the former World Cup team breaks up with Alexander Albon.

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