Sochi (AP) – Formula 1 top stars Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel consider Stefano Domenicali as the future head of the racing series a good choice.

“He’s a good guy, has a big heart. You couldn’t have found a better one,” Mercedes driver Hamilton said after the staff announcement. Former Ferrari team principal Domenicali will succeed American Chase Carey next year as Formula 1 general manager. “It’s nice because it’s a familiar face,” said Ferrari driver Vettel.

The Hessian also referred to the ‘big footsteps’ that Carey left for 55-year-old Domenicali. “It’s not an easy job,” said Vettel. Carey took office in early 2017 after the American company Liberty Media took over the racing series. For him, the old Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone had to leave the post.

The racing series modernized itself under Carey’s direction. A new basic contract should distribute income more equitably and more evenly and at the same time provide more sporting variety. “The coming years are the fruits of his work and will show whether the sport is on the right track,” said Vettel.

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