Formula 1 in Italy – slipstream poker in Monza: Hamilton on the pole chase

Monza (dpa) – Warning, risk of walking! Formula 1 does not want to experience the same scenes on Saturday (3 p.m. / RTL and Sky) as last year during the start chase in Monza. At the time, there was a bizarre slipstream poker.

With none of the drivers wanting to continue shortly before the end, the horse-powered entourage lingered so much that the top riders crossed the start and finish line too late for a final fast lap. “It was difficult in the past, I didn’t even get to my last lap,” Lewis Hamilton recalls. “I think it will be interesting.”

On the high-speed track, the slipstream is important so as not to waste unnecessary time. The world car association FIA got on after the first day of training and warned the drivers not to drive unnecessarily slow and endanger the participants. Hamilton & Co. for example, must adhere to a minimum lap time for pit exits and warm-up laps on Saturday.

“Maybe that will help,” said Hamilton, who set the fastest time of the day in his Mercedes, “but I think it will be a nightmare in the last corner if everyone tries to create a gap. That will be hard work.”

Hamilton is the favorite for pole position. The leader of the world championship has already conquered the best starting position in Monza six times and has also been in the Ferrari Rennheim race five times. If the 35-year-old Briton wins the 999th Scuderia Formula 1 race on Sunday, he would have 90 Grand Prix victories. He would only miss one on record man Michael Schumacher, who had his 90th success in Monza of all places in 2006.

And Ferrari? Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc will have nothing to say about pole because of the glaring performance deficits of their cars. It will be difficult enough for the duo to get into the final knockout round. Despite the disastrous performance this season, Ferrari boss Louis Camilleri is sticking to the current team leadership. “I have complete confidence in Mattia Binotto and his team,” Camilleri told the New York Times. Despite the “incredible pressure” the stability of the Scuderia has to predominate.

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