Nürburg (AP) – Sebastian Vettel is allowed to drive in front of 20,000 spectators on the Formula 1 return to the Nürburgring. This was announced by the Ahrweiler district administration as the responsible health authority.

The Formula 1 weekend from 9 to 11 October is the first guest appearance of the motorsport premium class in the Eifel in seven years. “If the title” Grand Prix of the Eifel “is awarded on October 11, it will be an advertisement for the Eifel far beyond the borders of motorsport, in which Formula 1 is also a piece of identity,” said Prime Minister Malu Dreyer (SPD ) With.

The basis of the approval is that of the Nürburgring 1927 GmbH & Co. KG. hygiene concept submitted, it says in the communication of the district administration. This includes measures to minimize contact, targeted visitor control, special infection protection measures, the spatial and temporal division of public groups and a strict alcohol ban.

The tickets for the Formula 1 race are therefore only offered online, personalized and precisely on a seat. This means that contact tracking is possible at any time. Visitors from corona risk areas are identified and excluded due to online sales.

According to the district administration, the ticket quotas are offered in different sales levels in order to be able to respond at any time to an increase in the number of infections. The quotas must be approved by the district administration. The contamination rate directly on the days of the event is also of particular importance. Compliance with the requirements is closely monitored; In case of violations, the district administration reserves the right to close the stands or cancel the entire event.

According to the information, the approval of 20,000 spectators is based on the state’s decision to allow up to 20 percent of the respective stadium or venue capacity at major sporting events. The condition is that there is no demonstrable contamination and that the public infrastructure makes it possible to meet the distance requirement for these viewing figures.

There was actually no Formula 1 race planned in Germany this year. However, due to the corona pandemic, World Cup races cannot be held in the US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil and the scheduled races in China, Singapore and Japan have also been canceled. Therefore, the racing series was looking for more hosts in Europe.

As no agreement was reached with the Hockenheimring, the last host of the German Grand Prix, the Nürburgring came into play. Ferrari driver Vettel will therefore have a home game at Scuderia in his farewell year. Several thousand spectators were also recently admitted to the two guest appearances of the German Touring Car Masters.

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