Berlin (dpa) – The planned Grand Prix debut in Vietnam has been dropped from the Formula 1 calendar for 2021, according to the media. 22 World Championship races are now planned in the preliminary design for next racing year, the BBC and various specialized portals reported.

As expected, a guest appearance in Germany is not planned. The season starts on March 21 in Melbourne and ends on December 5 in Abu Dhabi. The date of April 25, originally reserved for the race in Vietnam, remains open for now as there is obviously no political support for the race.

According to the BBC, the government currently wants to focus on the upcoming elections and deal with the corona crisis. The planned city race in Hanoi is therefore currently not on the screen. Hanoi should actually make its Formula 1 debut this year. However, the Grand Prix was canceled due to the corona virus pandemic.

Still, 22 races would set a record calendar for the racing series. The comeback in Zandvoort, the Netherlands, which was unusual this year, now takes place on September 5. The controversial guest appearance in Saudi Arabia is scheduled to premiere on November 28 as the penultimate World Cup station.

The host of the Brazilian Grand Prix is ​​not quite sure yet. Actually, a new course should be set in Rio de Janeiro in 2021. But as building permits are still lacking, Sao Paulo is likely to continue to play a role.

Due to the ongoing Corona crisis and severe travel restrictions, it is unclear whether Formula 1 can realize its plans for next year. This season could only start with a long delay and had to be shortened because many races were canceled.

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