Nürburg (AP) – World champion Lewis Hamilton is in a corona case with the Mercedes Formula 1 team. That certainly causes concern, said the six-time title holder for the Grand Prix of the Eifel at the Nürburgring on Sunday (2.10 p.m. / RTL and Sky).

“It’s important that everyone in the world is reminded that this thing is still there and not gone,” Hamilton said of the pandemic. You should continue to wear mouth and nose protection, wash your hands and keep your distance. They want to try to make the person concerned proud, Hamilton assured.

Mercedes had previously reported a corona case. The race team confirmed positive evidence of the virus in a team member. Hamilton and his teammate Valtteri Bottas are not bothered by it. According to its own information, Mercedes works closely with the World Automobile Federation Fia and the protocols are followed in that case.

“I can’t say what it means for the weekend,” Hamilton said of the possible effects of the Corona case on the Silver Arrows 11 race of the season in the Eifel. “We have a lot of great people on the team, it’s not just one person.”

In order to be able to continue the season at all against the background of the corona pandemic, the motorsport royal class has prescribed a strict hygiene concept. In addition to a mask trip, this also provides for the strict division of the participants into groups that may not have contact with each other. Formula 1 also makes the results of the regular tests known to all involved.

Before the actual start of the season in March, a positive Corona case with the McLaren team ultimately resulted in the Australian Grand Prix being canceled at short notice. After that, the corona pandemic temporarily paralyzed sport worldwide and with it the motorsport royal class.

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