A boy stumbled on his balance bike on the banks of the Ruhr and fell into the cold river. A 27-year-old man did not hesitate long and jumped after him.

In Mülheim, a hiker saved a four-year-old boy from the Ruhr region who fell into the cold river on a running bicycle. The boy had strayed off a sidewalk and stumbled on Sunday afternoon. It fell over a small dike in the Ruhr area.

When the 27-year-old stroller heard loud screams, he took off his shoes and jacket and jumped into the icy river. After a few seconds he reached the boy, pulled him out of the water and handed him over to his parents. A passerby called an ambulance. The four-year-old received medical care soon after. The brave helper and his companion quickly ran home to change their wet clothes after the incident.

Police praised the man’s prompt and courageous intervention. He saved the boy without thinking about the danger to his own life, a statement said on Tuesday. Given the cold water and winter temperatures, the rescuer probably prevented much worse for the child and his parents. The authority spoke of a “heroic act”. According to the State Environment Agency, the Ruhr area in Mülheim had a water temperature of 5.0 degrees last Friday.

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