France: Mask objector stabs waiter

A man in France was admonished for not wearing mouth and nose protection in a pub. The 29-year-old refused to accept that – and seriously injured an employee.

In northern France, a man stabbed a waiter in a restaurant after asking him to wear a gas mask. According to the police, a 29-year-old was arrested as a suspect on Wednesday. The 30-year-old waiter suffered a serious chest injury in the incident in Le Havre, Normandy. However, his life is not in danger, police said.

The culprit stabbed the waiter in the chest

The perpetrator reportedly entered the beach restaurant drunk and without a mask. After the waiter asked him to wear mouth and nose protection, the 29-year-old left the restaurant, but then returned and stabbed the waiter in the chest with a knife.

Police said an off-duty officer intervened in the restaurant and was slightly injured. The suspect was arrested by other police officers when he left the building.

In France, a mask is mandatory in restaurants, bars and cafes to protect against the corona virus. New infections with the virus have increased significantly in the country recently.

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