French President Emmanuel Macron has strongly condemned the stabbing and murder of a Tunisian youth in the French city of Nice. Referring to the incident as an Islamist terrorist attack, he said that France would not succumb to terrorism. French news agency AFP reported.

During a visit to Nice on Thursday, Macron said the number of soldiers would be increased from three to seven thousand to ensure the safety of public places such as churches and schools.

He said that France has also issued the highest security warning for terrorist attacks.

“If we are attacked again, it will be an attack on our values ​​of freedom, an attack on our freedom of movement on the ground,” Macron said. These values ​​will not stand in opposition to any terrorism.

“I want to make it clear again that we will not surrender our values,” he said.

Notre Dame Basilia in Nice city was attacked by a man with a knife on Thursday morning. Three people, including a woman, were killed. The mayor of Nice called it a terrorist attack. Authorities have started investigating the incident.

A few days before the attack, a teacher was strangled to show a cartoon of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) during a class on freedom of expression in France. The incident caused anger throughout France. The country’s president, Emanuel Macron, has taken a strong stance in favor of maintaining the country’s secular values ​​contrary to “radical Islam”. “France won’t stop showing cartoons,” he said.

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