Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – SV Werder Bremen is currently excluded from a beauty award. But coach Florian Kohfeldt vigorously rejected the Bundesliga “bummer” title, despite the partially destructive performance at 1-1 (0-0) in Frankfurt and the third draw in a row.

“Spoilers – that’s too high. If you’re a bit lower, that’s smart. But in the long run, of course, we should try to play more football,” said Kohfeldt.

Only 34 percent possession on Saturday was enough for Bremen to extend their winning streak to five games without a defeat. “One of the duties of a coach is to realistically assess what his team is currently capable of,” said Kohfeldt, defending the defensive focus.

The 38-year-old is actually a supporter of attacking football. But after the last horror season, when the imminent relegation was averted only in relegation, Kohfeldt has taken a different approach for the current season. “We have to go the other way this year and invest a lot in defense to be compact,” he said.

This also includes a robust playing style such as in Frankfurt. “We’re neither dishonest nor overly strict, we just knock everything in,” said Kohfeldt. “Last year we were accused of being too nice. If the opponents notice that it is uncomfortable to play against Werder Bremen, that’s great. I’m glad about that.”

In Frankfurt this was the case for long stretches of the race in front of empty stands. The often inconceivably walking Hessians were kept in check with aggressive duels and a high willingness to escape. After taking the lead by Joshua Sargent’s first goal of the season (51st minute), Werder could even hope for a win, but André Silva (65th) equalized after a big mistake by Werder younger Jean-Manuel Mbom.

But even with the “earned point” (Kohfeldt), the residents of Bremen could live well. “It is of course a better feeling than last season in the second half of the season,” said midfielder Maximilian Eggestein. At the same time he warned, “It’s important that we don’t trust that we haven’t lost the last game.”

That is entirely in the spirit of the coach, who is on his guard despite the successful start to the season with nine points. “The backpack is getting lighter, but we have to be very vigilant and sharp and bring the intensity to the field in every game,” said Kohfeldt. This also applies to the next task on Friday: “It would be good to win the home game against Cologne.”

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