Denise Herrmann and Co. are under special observation in Austria. Because it should be a victory at the World Cup in Hochfilzen. In the sprint, Franziska Preuß took a step in the right direction.

It was the first podium of the season for Franziska Preuss. The 26-year-old showed a good performance in the sprint in Hochfilzen and finished third. With just one mistake, she was one of the best athletes on the shooting range, leaving competitors like Dorothea Wierer and Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold behind.

Belarusian Dzinara Alimbekava took the win without errors, while Norwegian Tiril Eckhoff finished second.

Janina Hettich also presented herself well, hit all targets and finished the race twelfth. Denise Herrmann, on the other hand, missed three times and was only 32.

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