The far-right group “Proud Boys”, which wants to see Trump as the election winner, is becoming increasingly popular. Your mark is a Fred Perry polo shirt. But the company doesn’t like that at all.

The TV duel between Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden caused a sensation, not only because the incumbent president kept interrupting his opponent. Because during the debate he did not clearly distance himself from the so-called “Proud Boys”, who drew a lot of criticism. Behind it are right-wing extremists who play drums for Donald Trump and who have announced resistance to Biden’s victory.

Your mark is a black Fred Perry polo shirt – with a yellow trim on the sleeve and a laurel wreath. The company is not happy with that at all.

Fred Perry now distances himself sharply from the “Proud Boys”. Sales of these special polo shirts in the US and Canada have been discontinued since September 2019. This is true until the correct movement has disappeared.

Fred Perry stands for diversity

“Fred Perry does not support or be affiliated with the Proud Boys in any way,” said a company announcement. Founded more than 60 years ago by Wimbledon winner Fred Perry, the brand stands for independence and diversity.

But the brand has been usurped by right-wing skinheads in the past. The company has always defended itself against allegations of wanting to be political.

Editor’s Note: An earlier draft of this article stated that Fred Perry had stopped producing polo shirts. In fact, only the US and Canada no longer sell it.

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