Due to the Corona crisis, the CDU has postponed the election party conference scheduled for December. President Friedrich Merz wants to reverse the decision – with dubious support.

CDU chairman Friedrich Merz expects the party conference postponed by the federal board of directors to take place this year. He is trying to ensure that the CDU comes to a decision on this matter in the interest of its ability to act and lead, Merz said at the annual reception of the CDU Hesse Economic Council at Eberbach Monastery in the Rheingau.

“I have the impression that it will increase in the coming days”. in the In conversation with Chillreport, Merz was combative“I am not angry. But I am ready to fight. I will not give up so easily,” he said, referring to the canceled party conference.

“Are not chosen out of gratitude”

Merz renewed his statement that the CDU does not have much time. It would be good if the party entered the new year with a decisive vote. The CDU needs the entire run-up to the 2021 federal election. Currently, the party is benefiting in surveys only from the Corona crisis management and the great confidence that Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) rightly enjoys. But Merz stressed, “We were not chosen out of gratitude for the past. We were only chosen with hope and confidence for the future.”

According to a report in the newspaper “Bild”, several regional CDU associations want to put pressure on the party leadership to have the party congress, which was canceled on December 4, take place in January. According to the report, the regional associations of Baden-Württemberg, Hamburg and the Braunschweig association, which is a regional association, as well as at least two eastern regional associations want to submit a corresponding application.

Röttgen wants a festive conference in January

Under the CDU statute, a federal party congress takes place when one-third of state associations request it. The CDU has 17 regional associations, 14 of which are in the federal states except Bavaria and one each in Braunschweig, Hanover and Oldenburg. Foreign expert Norbert Röttgen, like Merz and NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet candidate for the CDU presidency, said “Image”: “Now a line has been found that we will hold a party conference in January. Now we have to agree, a plan that we will also elect a chairman at the beginning of the year. “

Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, the federal executive branch had decided to postpone the party conference originally scheduled for December 4. Even if a face-to-face party conference isn’t possible at the start of the new year, a digital party conference should be held. If there is no legal basis for this yet, there should be a digital party conference with an introduction round and a subsequent vote by letter. Merz was sharply critical of the board decision, Laschet was in favor of the postponement.

Merz is supported by the Union of Values

Röttgen called on the party to stick together after the controversy over the postponement of the party congress. “Unity is now the greatest good,” he said to the “Passauer Neue Presse”. On Sunday, he spoke out in favor of staying at the party congress on December 4, but respected the decision of the party board and set his personal opinion and interests aside. “The past few days have been detrimental to the CDU,” said Röttgen. Everyone in the party was torn apart. “Most of the people I’ve spoken to want a quick decision on party leadership.”

The CDU member of the Bundestag Andreas Nick from Rhineland-Palatinate drew a parallel in the “Augsburger Allgemeine” with the former SPD leader and later left-wing politician Oskar Lafontaine. “Those who rhetorically execute their bid for party chairmanship as a hostile takeover will hardly be successful, but may become Oskar Lafontaine of the CDU,” warned Nick, referring to Merz’s allegations that parts of the party house wanted to prevent him from becoming party leader. .

Merz received support from the conservative movement, Union of Values ​​and former Hessian Prime Minister Roland Koch (CDU) on Tuesday. Lawyers from the ranks of the Union of Values ​​have been exploring ways to challenge the postponement, the Union of Values ​​announced on Tuesday evening. To sit out the election of a president until next year is “completely unacceptable”.

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