Democrat Joe Biden has been elected the 48th President of the United States. He arrived at the White House on Saturday, defeating President Donald Trump. He lost his first wife and newborn daughter in a road accident. He later lost another boy to brain cancer. He has been pushed many times in his political life. But did not stop. He has been dreaming of going to the White House for almost 50 years. He was probably successful in his last attempt to fulfill that dream.

Joe Biden’s father was a businessman. He had commercial success before birth. But after Joe’s birth, his business collapsed. Biden’s adolescence was marked by a lack of family. He grew up in an ordinary family home in Pennsylvania. His family was very pious. Catholic values ​​and beliefs were developed through family worship.

His biggest challenge in childhood was to remove stutter. He could not overcome this problem until high school class. His classmates and even teachers used to make fun of him for his stuttering while studying. In his autobiography, he wrote, “I still remember the days of pain, shame, anger and humiliation.”

Standing in front of the mirror, reading the poems calmly and speaking with restraint, he began to stutter after high school. After school he went to study at the University of Delaware, from where he studied law at Syracuse University.

I met Nelia Hunter in college. Return to Wilmington, Delaware. He married Nelia. His political life began in Wilmington. He started working as a lawyer in a large legal organization. But when he went to represent the rich and powerful, he soon lost his temper.

He took up the task of fighting the law on behalf of the common man on behalf of the defendants. His path in politics began with him winning a seat in the city council. Then he won the Senate in 1972. He lost to the Republican senator who had held that seat for a long time. He was the second youngest senator in American history.

Joe Biden was a successful youth in political life. At just 30 years old, he won a seat in the Senate, defeating a Republican candidate who was a two-term senator. Following his unexpected victory in the election where the Democrats lost, he has become a promising youth in the Democratic Party.

Three months earlier, on September 23, 1986, Joe Biden withdrew from the Democratic Party race for the presidency. He wrote about it in his memoirs, I am responsible for this. I suffer from anger and frustration. This is not the true identity of Joe Biden. This is just a big mistake of mine.

It was a fight for the 198 presidential election. Biden’s attempt to run for president for the first time stumbled in embarrassment. He was forced to withdraw from the campaign when he was accused of plagiarism and dishonesty.

After overcoming various family injuries, Biden established himself in the Senate Judiciary Committee and began to establish himself in national politics. However, his withdrawal from the 1986 election is considered by many to be a curse for him.

Twenty years later, Biden is running for the presidency again. He is no longer a new face in politics in the 2008 elections, he is a veteran politician. However, he did not succeed in that fight. Barack Obama was nominated for the presidency by the Democratic Party. But surprising everyone, Barack Obama chose Joe Biden as his partner.

Despite some uncertainty, Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential race. He lost to his rival Barney Sanders and got a presidential ticket.

Many political analysts say his success is due to his eight-year tenure as Barack Obama’s deputy. Thanks to this, he has received overwhelming support from black Democrats. He has chosen black-Indian-origin woman Kamala Harris as his running wife.

His third attempt at the presidency in a political career of nearly 50 years and his long dream of 40 years finally came true. Joe Biden garnered a record number of popular votes and more than 260 electoral votes in the 48th US presidential election.

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