Completing quick and reliable tests to detect coronaviruses is considered relatively expensive and challenging. However, in a new study, scientists have found a relatively inexpensive and effective solution. They say that the dog’s sense of smell can be used to detect the virus. Media CTV News reported this in a report on Sunday, citing a research report in this regard.

Specially trained dogs are very effective at detecting the presence of Kovid-19 in human sweat.

The use of dogs to detect coronaviruses has long been discussed. This new study makes this point even stronger. Researchers say trained dogs can play a good role in efforts to control the corona.

As part of the study, six dogs were trained for one month to detect odor in patients with Corona in France and Lebanon. Researchers collected sweat samples from more than 180 people. About half of them were Corona positive. Researchers wanted to see if dogs could distinguish between positive and covariate negative patients.

Dogs are able to identify more than 7 percent of samples during minimal training. Two dogs already trained to detect cancer by sniffing have been shown to have 100% efficiency in detecting Kovid-19. Trained dogs can detect it immediately.

Further research continues to determine whether dogs can detect corona from human saliva and urine samples.

The research report was prepared by Dominique Grandijan, a professor at the National Veterinary School of Alfort in France. He said that when it was first thought of detecting Kovid-19 by sniffing an infected person on behalf of the dog, it sounded ridiculous.

Professor Dominic Grandijan told CTV News: “At first I said no. At first it seemed crazy to me. So far we have not seen any viral disease that has been identified by dogs. ‘

“I was really surprised,” he said. Because it seemed impossible to me. But now I think this is one of the best tests. “

Professor Dominic Grandijan said that dogs do not actually smell the virus. They smell like some molecules that are produced by viruses.

In countries such as Australia, Belgium and Finland, however, dogs have begun to be used for corona identification. A Russian airline uses trained dogs to sniff the body odors of passengers before boarding a flight; So that if someone is infected with corona, it can be identified.

Professor Dominic Grandijan said that a dog can detect 400 coronaviruses in a day. In his words, “If there are one thousand (trained) dogs in a country, it means that they can test four lakh people a day.”

Note that in December 2019, coronavirus spread from Wuhan, the capital of China’s Hubei province. At one stage, the prevalence of the virus at the origin of China decreased but it started increasing in other countries of the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global epidemic on March 11, in view of a 13-fold increase in the incidence of coronovirus outside China. However, there is hope that the recovery rate is increasing rapidly after the outbreak. Source: CTV News

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