A van collided with a police car in Fürth, Bavaria, and three people were injured, some seriously. For an aggressive gawker, the accident has legal consequences.

A suspect who allegedly filmed an accident in Fürth and strangled a police officer has received at least two reports for his behavior. “Two lawsuits have been initiated against him for the time being: for attacking a police officer and for opposing a law enforcement officer,” said a police spokesman.

The 27-year-old had taken photos with his mobile phone in Fürth on Monday after a collision between a police car and a minibus. After the police asked him to leave and stop filming, the police said he attacked the officer and strangled him. Officials could only bring the man to the ground by physical force, he said. You can watch a video of the incident above or here.

Gazers can face up to two years in prison

Both the 27-year-old and the attacked officer were slightly injured. The alleged gawker was briefly arrested. He may also need to answer for the photos. “It is currently being checked whether he actually filmed the victims against their will,” said the spokesman.

The offense of violating very personal privacy by taking photos can be punished with a fine or up to two years in prison. In the accident itself, the driver of the minibus was seriously injured, the two police officers in the patrol car were moderately injured.

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