Berlin (AP) – Christian Seifert does not want to leave the German football league prematurely. “Until my contract expires, I will of course devote myself fully to the tasks at hand,” the 51-year-old told “Bild”.

The manager will leave DFL after his contract expires on June 30, 2022. “I’ve never liked statements from some professional players like“ I’m ready to do my contract. ”Because if I have a contract, I’m not ready, I signed it. Then it’s appropriate for me to comply with it – no matter what happens on the way there. That’s my clear understanding, “said the director of DFL, who will be off in 20 months.

A move to the German Football Association “in which role I definitely rule out”, said Seifert. The 51-year-old had recently resigned from the DFB presidential committee. This decision had nothing to do with the currently tense situation at the DFB, Seifert justified this step. “It is clear that the DFB is currently in troubled water,” said the manager. In addition, he had “made his point of view very clear” in the meeting of the DFB executive committee.

Seifert is also not aiming for a job at a football club. “That wouldn’t be the new pro chapter I’m aiming for,” said the career changer in the football business. The 51-year-old, who has gained a lot of profile in the Corona crisis, would train his successor “if you want”. “This is how my predecessor Wilfried Straub did it to me in 2005,” he said. “The way you start, fill in and leave a job also ultimately says something about a person. I claim I finish it as professionally as I’ve worked for the DFL over the years.”

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