German frigate stops supplies for civil war parties

Stop off the Libyan coast S.Soldiers of the Bundeswehr ship. It appears that the loaded cargo violates the UN arms embargo. Apparently it was fuel for fighter pilots.

The Bundeswehr has prevented a violation of the UN arms embargo on Libya. Soldiers of the German frigate “Hamburg” checked a tanker off the Libyan coast on Thursday morning, the headquarters of the EU operation Irini announced. It was determined that the ship had loaded kerosene, which would be used for military purposes. This fuel is under the UN arms embargo, he said.

The EU Force Commander subsequently banned the ship launched in the United Arab Emirates from entering Libyan territorial waters. The Emirates support the powerful General Khalifa Haftar in the conflict on the side of Egypt, Jordan and Russia. The ship must now be diverted to an EU port for further investigation.

Delivery to civil war party

The tanker was actually planning to go to Benghazi in eastern Libya. The city is the stronghold of Haftar, who wants to overthrow the country’s internationally recognized unity government, which in turn is backed by Turkey. So far, all attempts to mediate in the civil war that has raged since 2011 have failed. A Libya conference in Berlin in January was also unsuccessful.

A solution is also important for Germany, France and Italy, as the chaotic conditions favor the trade of smugglers illegally bringing migrants across the Mediterranean to Europe.

The German frigate left for the Mediterranean in early August to participate in Operation Irini. There are about 250 soldiers on board. The goal of their mission is to stabilize Libya, a civil war country in North Africa, and to support the UN-led political peace process. In addition to arms smuggling, the mission is also intended to prevent oil and fuel smuggling.

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