German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has called on all countries of the world to abstain from selfishness about vaccines. He made the call at a World Health Organization (WHO) conference in Berlin.

In a video message on Sunday, the first day of the conference, the German president said, “Nobody is safe from Kovid-19. Nobody is really safe until we are all safe from it. Those who are within their borders The virus has conquered, they too are prisoners within their borders until others have won. ‘

Steinmeier said that if we do not want to live in that world after the epidemic; Where a policy is established against everyone and only for its policy for all, then our societies and governments need to think positively for all.

In his inaugural speech of the three-day conference, the German president also criticized the tendency of many countries to seek more vaccines only for their people. “Everyone must fight together to effectively oppose Corona,” he said.

Referring to the United States as the weakest country in Corona, the German president called on the country to join the Kovacs initiative and help develop and distribute vaccines.

WHO chief Tedros Abhan Ghenrejes agrees with the statement of the German president. “Poor countries will get the vaccine – only if we can ensure that the corona is erased from the world,” he said. Source: DW

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