UNICEF press officer Christine Kahmann in Germany said that schools around the world would remain open even during the coronovirus epidemic. He told the German news agency Deutsche Wale on Tuesday that the global education crisis was due to the forced closure of schools.

The school reopened following the latest lockdown measures by Germany to keep the class transition-free. However, more than three lakh students are to go into quarantine by November. One of the 10 schools in Germany’s most populous North Rhine-Westphalia was damaged. But the state of Bavaria, Germany’s highest daily infection rate, plans to hold classes partially closer to Wednesday. If the rate of infection increases further, alternative arrangements will be made in school and online classes for students of class eight.

In France, however, the lockdown is quite severe, but the school is still open. According to the study, the role of schools in the spread of the epidemic is not so large. Adults are more likely to be infected than younger children. In addition, schools and day care centers around the world remained vigilant and the virus did not spread after reopening.

Christine Kahman said, “In addition to the education crisis due to the closure of schools around the world, society can be affected in many countries over the next few decades. As a result, children, especially marginalized children, will suffer heavy losses.

Christine Kahman also fears that inequality will increase as significant progress has been made in recent decades. “By the time the children are out of school, their education will be affected and their interest in going back to school will be reduced, which will result in a lifetime of suffering for them,” he said.

He said that the increase in violence due to children not going to school has also been seen in previous crises.

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