After a hiatus due to the corona pandemic, a deportation flight from Germany arrived in Afghanistan for the first time since March – despite the ongoing civil war in the crisis state.

The plane with 30 rejected asylum seekers landed at the airport in the capital Kabul in the morning, according to the Afghan Ministry of Refugees.

Afghan officials at the airport announced that the plane had landed around 7:35 am local time. It was the 34th collective deportation since the first such flight in December 2016. According to Afghan authorities, other European countries have resumed deportation flights after the corona-related hiatus, including Austria and Bulgaria.

The last deportation was in March

The last collective deportation from Germany provisionally took place in March. Deportations to the crisis state are controversial. Despite the start of peace talks, the civil war with the militant Islamist Taliban continues. More than 100,000 civilians have been killed or injured in the past ten years.

According to the UN, the conflict has prompted some 300,000 people to flee this year. The economy and already weak health system in Afghanistan were badly affected by the corona pandemic.

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