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Cologne (dpa) – For Markus Gisdol, this statistic is now a numbers game in an endless loop. When 1. FC Köln played its first ghost match at Borussia Mönchengladbach on March 11, the statisticians announced that Gisdol could celebrate his 50th victory as coach in the Bundesliga.

Since then the song has been circulating for every other Cologne match. 13 tries and some seven months later, Gisdol is still waiting for the ominous 50th victory.

The 51-year-old himself calculates differently and does not count the ten games of the previous season. “I’m not interested in what was last season,” he said after the depressing 1: 3 (0: 2) derby against Gladbach. Gisdol also wants to forget the three losses at the start of the season. “I am happy with this break”, he said in view of the upcoming international break: “We have to make a new start now.” The motto is therefore: set everything to zero after zero points.

Gisdol also needs a fresh start. After his sensational sprint last year, the euphoria surrounding the coach has long since disappeared. He has long been counted in the media despite the contract that was only extended during the summer holidays until 2023. But Gisdol can still be sure of the support of Horst Heldt, who came to Cologne with him in November 2019. When asked if the coach should be concerned about his job, the sports director replied with a short, but unintelligible, “No.”

It’s sheer luck that Cologne wasn’t as confused as Mainz and Schalke over three matches and is therefore facing these two. What you have to give Gisdol credit for is the fact that his five new outfielders have all only arrived in the last three weeks. That is why Gisdol wants to work on the processes especially during the break. Nonetheless, Heldt also called for an analysis of why the first 20 minutes in the derby in particular were “very, very bad”. “At least it wasn’t because the Gladbachers were still one man,” he said. Even though it looked like this for a long time.

Rather, one explanation would be Gisdol’s failed tactics experiment, who initially switched to a five-man chain, but corrected it during halftime. “If you have a duel-like behavior like in the first 20 minutes, you can play with six or eight chains,” replied the coach. Goalkeeper Timo Horn saw it this way: “If the effort and aggressiveness are not right, you can play any system in the world.”

And because Cologne is also having a goalkeeper conversation at this early point of the season in addition to a coaching conversation, Gisdol gave back their support. “It’s too easy if you blame the goalkeeper everything,” he said of Stefan Lainer (16) 2-0 draw, the third goal on match day three that Horn is attributed to: “Someone didn’t pay attention in advance Overall, Timo has done well. ”In fact, aside from his mistake, the former U21 national goalkeeper made several strong saves. Hence, his conclusion was, “I can’t fend off everything.”

Horn can start the next attempt against Eintracht Frankfurt on 17 October. Then when Markus Gisdol tries to celebrate his 50th victory in the Bundesliga for the 14th time.

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