Glasgow: Scottish police identify knife

Police in Glasgow identified the knife shot by the armed forces after his attack. There were warnings against him before.

After the knife attack in a hotel in Glasgow, the police identified the perpetrator. It was a 28-year-old man from Sudan, Scottish police said late Saturday evening. The man injured six people in Friday’s attack and was shot by police officers. The authorities did not expect a terrorist attack.

There are indications that the man had mental health problems. According to media reports, he stayed in the hotel, which was used by asylum seekers during the corona pandemic. Police in Scotland continue to investigate the exact circumstances of the incident, the statement said. Police also investigated the use of firearms that led to the attacker’s death.

Knives would have announced the deed

Before the knife attack, there would have been warnings from the perpetrator. This was reported, among other things, by British news channel Sky News and the “Guardian” on Saturday, citing unnamed sources. According to information from residents of the hotel, which was temporarily used as asylum accommodation, a social worker there turned to the employees on Thursday. The BBC also reported that the perpetrator had announced the attack.

The incident happened at the Park Inn Hotel in the city center. The injured included three other residents of the hotel, two employees and a police officer. They are all still in the hospital, but in a stable condition, police said Saturday.

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