If Facebook and Google publish news on their own platforms, the respective media will have to pay. One such bill was introduced in the Australian Parliament on Wednesday.

Treasurer of Parliament Josh Freidenberg said in a statement that the law would “establish a balance of power between digital platforms and media.”

The proposed legislation is called the News Media and Digital Platform Mandatory Bargaining Code.

According to the German media DW, Facebook and Google publish and advertise news in various media outlets. But the media does not get the meaning of that advertisement properly. This initiative is to eliminate such inequality.

Whatever is in the draft law

The legislation will encourage various tech giants to enter into financial agreements with Australian media and TV channels.

If they themselves cannot agree to such an agreement, the amount will be determined by an independent arbitrator. A penalty of up to 10 million Australian dollars (about 63 crore Bangladeshi rupees) has been proposed for not complying with the law.

Initially, state-owned news outlets were excluded, but are now included in the draft.

For now, the draft law only includes Facebook news feeds and Google searches. However, if later any other platform becomes equally strong, they too will be brought under this law.

Facebook-Google’s response

Facebook 8 has been opposing the proposed legislation since the beginning. He also threatened that “no Australian news will be published on Facebook” instead of paid. According to the organization, the Australian government “does not understand how the Internet works.”

Facebook also feels that the media the government wants to protect under this law will suffer the most.

Facebook Australia manager Will Etson told reporters that he would read the draft and respond to it after it was released to the public.

Google said that if such a law is passed, it would prevent users from using Google search and YouTube. Source: DW

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