Online platforms are careful in advertising for the upcoming US presidential election. The election is scheduled to be held on November 3, 2020. Google and Facebook have decided not to advertise in this regard from the time of voting until the official results are announced. Citing both organizations, Reuters reported in a report on Friday.

Tech giant Google said in a statement on Friday that after the November 3 vote, election ads will be blocked on Google’s platform.

According to US media outlet Axios, Google has already informed its advertisers about this.

Social media has long been under pressure to spread fake news. Companies are also under pressure from partisan and misleading election campaigns. Because such fake advertisements create confusion.

Facebook officials said they would stop accepting new political ads the week before the election. Advertisements claiming a win, especially before the results are declared, will be rejected.

Twitter, the most popular social media giant in the United States, banned political advertising last year. The organization recently took steps to increase the security of the accounts of politicians and important people participating in the US election. Under this, the security of the related accounts will be strengthened automatically.

The social media giant says it will learn from past security flaws and focus on protecting election-related accounts.

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