Goretzka has not yet fully realized the triple victory

Munich (dpa) – Footballer Leon Goretzka cannot really realize his most successful year at FC Bayern Munich by winning the triple of the Champions League, the German Championship and the DFB Cup.

“I think you will not really understand that until Christmas. If you look back on the year,” the 25-year-old midfielder said in an interview with “Sport1”. Due to Corona and its side effects, the lockdown and lack of fans, the triple and the “We kick Corona” donation initiative, there have been too many extraordinary situations to handle so far.

He described Bayern’s mentality as a special strength of FC Bayern. “It’s very uncomfortable to play against us. And even more difficult to win against us. Our intensity in the game and our pressure against the ball have worked really well lately.”

But what is good today cannot work a week later. “We are now being hunted all over Europe. The opponents will deal with us even more intensively and try to decipher our system. But we will do the devil and rest,” said Goretzka, who still has high goals in Munich. “Mia is hungry and we remain hungry. Getting the double is great. Defending is even better. The same goes for the triple, even though the cards are of course reshuffled after each season.”

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