Home game for Bansky: a graffiti was painted in Bristol, the hometown of the unknown artist. It shows an older woman – her sneeze has a big impact.

A new work by the mysterious street artist Banksy has appeared in Bristol. Banksy posted a photo of the graffiti on Instagram on Thursday – the artist’s usual way of verifying authorship. His latest work, painted on a green house wall, shows an elderly woman wearing a headscarf losing her teeth when sneezing heavily.

Since the house is at the beginning of Vale Street, which is considered the steepest street in England, one of the photos published by Banksy looks as if the woman’s sneeze knocked over a trash can and toppled the neighboring houses.

For Banksy, whose work can be found all over the world, the latest graffiti is a home game. His identity is still a mystery, but the artist is known to be from Bristol. He made a name for himself with socially critical and controversial motives that come up again and again surprisingly.

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