Paris (AP) – The finalists for the two men will be determined today at the French Open of the tennis professionals in Paris.

The defending champion and twelve-time tournament winner Rafael Nadal from Spain will meet Argentinian Diego Schwartzman. The number one in the world, Novak Djokovic from Serbia, takes on the Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas. A look at the four semi-finalists:

NOVAK DJOKOVIC (Serbia / 33 years / world ranking-1.):

After the disqualification in New York, when he angrily hit a ball back in the round of 16 of the US Open and hit a linesman, and the missed opportunity for another Grand Slam title, Djokovic is determined to get behind Nadal with number 18 (19) and Roger Federer (20) in this category. Physically, however, the Serb has been abused. He had to be treated in the quarter-finals against Pablo CarreƱo Busta. The Eurosport expert and former Djokovic coach Boris Becker even suspects physical and mental problems. “For me it was the athletic processing of the New York disqualification. It showed throughout the game. He couldn’t let go of his nervousness,” Becker analyzed.

RAFAEL NADAL (Spain / 34/2):

These numbers alone are terrifying and hard to believe. Nadal has played 100 games at the French Open so far and has won 98. He’s won the title here twelve times, more than anyone else. This year he is the only one who has not lost a set. And while he recently suffered his only defeat to Schwartzman at the tournament in Rome, he is clearly the favorite of the game with a record of 9-1 wins against the Argentinian. With his 20th Grand Slam title, Nadal would be on a par with Swiss Roger Federer, who has concluded his season.

STEFANOS TSITSIPAS (Greece / 22/6.):

Last year, the young Greek celebrated his biggest title to date at the ATP final in London, beating Austrian Dominic Thiem. He was once in a Grand Slam semi-final (Australian Open 2019), but he did not make it to the final in one of the four main tournaments. In direct comparison, he is 2: 3 behind Djokovic. In the quarter-finals, he took revenge on Russian Andrei Rublev for the defeat in the final of the Rothenbaum tournament.

DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN (Argentina / 28/14.):

The quarter-finals against US Open winner Dominic Thiem have been the most exciting and spectacular match of the entire tournament to date. 7: 6 (7: 1), 5: 7, 6: 7 (6: 8), 7: 6 (7: 5), 6: 2 Schwartzman won after 5:08 p.m. The scenes after the match point, when Thiem honestly congratulated his good friend and exchanged a few sentences with him on the net, will also be unforgettable. For Schwartzman it is the first semifinal in a Grand Slam tournament. The record against Nadal is 1: 9, so Schwartzman, who is only 6 feet tall, humorously said, “I’m not sure I’ll have much confidence.”

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