Greece announces military buildup amid tension with Turkey

Greece has announced plans to increase its military capabilities in the wake of a dispute with Turkey. The Prime Minister of the country, Kyrikos Mitsotakis, said that his country would buy significant numbers of military equipment. It also includes 18 French-built Rafale fighter jets, four frigates and four Navy helicopters. UK news outlet BBC reported this news on Sunday.

Greece also plans to increase the size of its armed forces next year. As per the plan, 15,000 new manpower will be recruited in the force during this period.

Meanwhile, Greece has increased its military presence on the Turkish border amid tensions with Ankara. It is learned that this step has been taken mainly to curb the influx of migrants from Turkey to Europe. Because, in the current situation, if Ankara does not stop the flow of migrants to Europe, the situation will be difficult to handle.

Greece’s Minister of State for Immigration Jurgos Koumusakos has publicly expressed skepticism about the EU’s EU sanctions on Turkey, in line with his country’s expectations.

Jurgos Kaumausakos says Turkey could use the migrants as a strategy to create pressure to avoid EU sanctions.

The dispute between Turkey and Greece is on the top agenda of the European Council meeting to be held on 24 and 25 September. Countries like France and Greece are pressuring the agency to ban Turkey.

Millions of refugees have taken refuge in Turkey in the wake of the Syrian civil war. Many of these refugees try to enter other European countries through the Turkish-Greek border. Turkey has promised to block the entry of refugees into Europe under Ankara’s agreement with the European Union. However, with Greece favoring the European Union in the Greco-Turkish conflict, Turkey also indicated a change of heart. As a result, Greece has increased its military presence on the border to deal with the influx of refugees on the European border.

Disputes between Greece and Turkey over the extraction of crude oil and natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean Sea are becoming increasingly complex. Turkey sent a vessel between Greece and Cyprus last month to search for oil and gas.

Ankara claims that the area falls under their waters. However, Greece objected strongly to this. At one point, the NATO Secretary-General said that the two countries had agreed to sit for talks. Greece later refused to negotiate. And Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says that his country is always ready for talks.

Erdogan warned, “Greece will either understand the language of politics and diplomacy, or they will have to go through a traumatic experience.” Turkish people are ready for any situation. ‘Source: BBC, DW

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