Green politicians are open to alliance with the Union

Jürgen Trittin sees new intersections with the CDU and CSU. He could imagine a black and green alliance. The green politician showed surprise at Olaf Scholz as an SPD candidate for chancellor.

Green politician Jürgen Trittin sees new crossroads with the CDU and CSU for a possible black-green alliance after the next federal election through the Corona policy. In the face of the pandemic, the CDU had “jettisoned a basic ideological position that caused explorations with the Greens in 2013 to fail,” the former Federal Environment Minister, who belongs to the left wing of the Greens, told the “Tagesspiegel”.

At the time, the CDU insisted on continuing to focus on austerity and cutbacks in the European crisis. Now Corona has “forced to remove the dogma from the black zero,” Trittin said. “That makes negotiations after the federal election a little bit easier.”

At the same time, he stressed that there are greater overlaps with the SPD and that there is also the possibility of a left alliance. “If there were such majorities, union membership in the chancellery would be over,” said the ex-environment minister.

Surprise about Olaf Scholz as an SPD candidate for chancellor

Trittin, however, was amazed at the demands made by the ranks of the Social Democrats after Olaf Scholz was nominated as an SPD candidate for chancellor that the Greens should reject a black-green coalition.

He finds it “funny when Social Democrats warn us to ‘cooperate with the class enemy,” he said. The SPD ruled in the Third Grand Coalition with the Union for more than a decade. And in Brandenburg, the SPD preferred to get the CDU on board and the left chased the government out, Trittin added. “Now you have to keep your feet still.”

Trittin was also annoyed by SPD leader Saskia Esken, who had said the SPD could come up with a left-wing alliance with a Green Chancellor if the Greens were to end up ahead of the SPD in the federal election. “Healthy Social Democratic confidence would actually have forbidden Ms Esken from speculating on this issue,” Trittin said.

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