Greens hold party conference digitally – CDU remains present

1,000 people and more congregate at party conventions – a complicated affair in Corona times. The Greens therefore only want to meet digitally. Personnel decisions are not pending – unlike the CDU.

Due to the corona pandemic, the Greens are holding their federal party conference digitally this fall. “We have been intensively looking for opportunities to debate and take over our base program live and in color with the party,” federal political director Michael Kellner said on Tuesday of the German news agency. “But in this confusing pandemic situation, major events are exposed to high risk.” Now it is a matter of being creative, so that the party conference on the internet becomes a success. “Necessity makes you inventive,” said Kellner. “We are sure it will be good and vibrant, but different.”

The Greens actually wanted to meet in Karlsruhe from November 20-22, where the party was founded in 1980. Now the digital party conference should be broadcast from Karlsruhe, Kellner said.

A digital conference is excluded from the FDP

There are also party congresses in the field of political competition – especially at the CDU, which wants to elect a new chairman in early December. On September 14 the party board will decide how to deal with this. The goal is still to stick to the meeting of 1,001 delegates in Stuttgart – in a slimmed-down one-day form. The FDP will meet as early as September 19 and because of the elections – especially for the new Secretary General – there is no escaping a party conference. There should be no guests, strolling in the hall and in the corridors should not be possible.

Staff decisions are not being handled by the Greens. That makes it easier for them, because this way, if the delegates don’t meet in person, there probably won’t be questions about the statutes. For the 40th anniversary they want to adopt a new basic program. In May, the Greens had already held a smaller party congress with about 100 digital delegates and also passed resolutions.

Not a Birthday Party – “Our health comes first.”

Kellner wrote to the party council, state chairman and chief executive officer that they “wanted to keep the health risk to everyone as low as possible while at the same time allowing for a really good debate about our core program.” The first experiences were made in May and in November it should be “even better”. “As a party, we have put so much work into the new basic program that we want to decide together and then celebrate,” he wrote. “We would have liked to do that with you in Karlsruhe, but our health comes first.” In any case, the event would have been “more sterile” because of the pandemic.

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