Greens want to attack the CDU with their own advertising agency

More employees, plus a budget of millions: With their own advertising agency for the federal elections, the Greens are taking up a challenge for the Union. That worked before.

The Greens set up their own campaign agency for the federal election campaign. The agency’s name “new gate 1” is not only based on the address of the party headquarters in Berlin-Mitte, but should also be seen as a challenge to the union for the first place, the Funke media group reports. The Greens also relied on advertising professionals who advised the Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann.

Ten million euros for election campaign

Federal Director Michael Kellner underlined that the Greens wanted to challenge the Union in the election campaign. “We are just building an agency that we bet on for victory for this purpose, to set the course of this country,” he told Funke newspapers. According to the report, ten million euros is available for the election campaign and the campaign. The number of employees in the federal office will be increased from 50 to 125 employees.

According to Funke newspapers, Matthias Riegel of the Berlin PR agency Wigwam, which is currently leading Kretschmann’s election campaign in Baden-Württemberg, where a new state parliament will be elected in March 2021, will act as strategic advisor to the federal board of directors and dramaturgical director for the campaign. As early as 2016, Riegel played a key role in the Southwest Green election campaign. At that point, the Greens became the strongest political force for the first time ahead of the CDU at 30.3 percent.

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