Growing Distance – Expert: Clubs should do more to get their fans

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – In the opinion of fan expert Michael Gabriel, football “would do well to try harder for his fans”.

So said the head of the Fan Projects Coordination Office (KOS) in Frankfurt / Main given that viewers in the Corona crisis have so far been left out. “The active fans in the stadium are no longer interested in being close to the games, but their expectations are much more basic: they want to be recognized as an integral part of the overall event of professional football,” Gabriel told Germany. news agency.

He believes it is necessary to invest even more in fan projects, “because they support fans and clubs in this democratic process”. One of the findings of the Corona era, for clubs, TV broadcasters and sponsors alike, is that the football event becomes incredibly less attractive without spectators.

At the start of the season in September, fans will be banned from the games at least until the end of October. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the prime ministers of the federal states agreed on Thursday that a working group should develop a proposal over the next two months to deal with fans at national sporting events.

With fans currently running out of chances to see their stars, Bundesliga clubs have stepped up their social media activities. “If clubs continue to focus primarily on marketing in their communications, we believe this is the wrong focus and will have a negative effect on the relationship with fans,” warned Helen Breit, board member of the “Our curve” alliance.

It has become rare for players to identify with a club almost as strongly as fans. “We often get the impression that we live in two different football worlds, but it’s the same!” Said the Freiburg resident.

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