A cyber-attack has given strangers “illegal” access to Biontech’s vaccine documents. D.i.e European Medicines Agency EMA confirmed the attack.

During the cyber attack on the European Medicines Agency EMA, documents related to the application for approval of the corona vaccine by Biontech and Pfizer were “illegally” accessed. “However, no Biontech or Pfizer systems have been breached,” Pfizer announced Wednesday evening. According to the US pharmaceutical company, so far there is no evidence that personal data has been accessed.

The EMA, which is in the spotlight for the approval of the corona vaccine, reported a cyber attack on Wednesday. The EU authority immediately launched an extensive investigation, she said in a statement. Further details, such as the time of the cyber attack, were not initially provided by the agency.

Admission at the end of December

Especially during the corona crisis, the drug authority is currently in the spotlight. In the EU, she is responsible for the approval process for medicines, including corona vaccines.

The EMA is currently seeking approval of the corona vaccine from Mainz-based pharmaceutical company Biontech and its US partner Pfizer by the end of December, and the drug from US competitor Moderna in mid-January. EMA experts have already analyzed large amounts of data from preliminary tests of the companies in recent months, Emer Cooke, the head of the authority, said earlier this month. People in the UK have been vaccinated en masse since Tuesday.

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