Hamilton wins chaos race – Vettel in points

The world champion is victorious on the course in Mugello. A wild race develops from the start. The run must be interrupted several times. In the end, only twelve drivers cross the finish line.

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Next win for Lewis Hamilton. The reigning world champion won the Tuscan Grand Prix ahead of his Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas and Red Bull driver Alex Albon. Sebastian Vettel came tenth in the Ferrari anniversary race. However, the race at Mugello was won by several violent crashes overshadowed, among others, Red Bull driver Max Verstappen stopped shortly after the start. The race had to be interrupted several times for minutes. Only twelve drivers made it to the finish.

With his 90th triumph in his career, Briton Hamilton extended his World Championship lead to 55 points over Bottas and in the coming race in Russia he could level up with record holder Michael Schumacher (91 wins). In the first Grand Prix after his switch to Aston Martin became known from 2021, Vettel could hardly take advantage of serious accidents in the hopelessly inferior Ferrari and he only got one World Cup point. Teammate Charles Leclerc also lagged behind in eighth place.

The start of the Ferrari anniversary caused chaos. Hamilton came off poorly from the 95th pole position of his career, Bottas immediately raced to first place. Behind it, the engine of Max Verstappen’s Red Bull failed, the Dutchman fell back into midfield and was then roughly pushed into the gravel by Kimi Räikkönen in the Alfa Romeo. Most recently in Monza, the supposedly strongest Mercedes fighter, Verstappen, did not finish.

The safety car remained on the track for eight laps

Even for Toro Rosso driver Pierre Gasly from France, who was a sensational winner last week, the working day was over after a few kilometers due to this accident. Because the Spaniard Carlos Sainz was still spinning on the track in his McLaren, the following drivers had to avoid it with difficulty. Vettel saw Sainz late and damaged the front wing of the McLaren. The race management intervened and let the safety car come onto the track.

Bernd Mayländer drove eight laps in this Ferrari painted red Mercedes sports car for field safety. Then the race reopened – and there was another crash.

Bottas slowly wobbled at the top, delaying the break for too long. As the first drivers were already accelerating at the rear, Antonio Giovinazzi crashed into Kevin Magnussen’s Haas race car in his Alfa Romeo. Sainz and Williams driver Nicholas Latifi were also involved in the accident. “Are they going to kill us?”Haas pilot Romain Grosjean scolded on the radio.

The house straight was littered with debris, the race was halted for the time being, just like a week earlier in Monza. The Formula 1 makers probably didn’t have such a spectacle in mind when they awarded a Grand Prix to the Ferrari home circuit in Tuscany for the first time in the Corona emergency season. After all, the nearly 3,000 spectators who were admitted to a race for the first time this year were offered thrilling action.

“We are so slow”

After a 25 minute break, only 13 of the 20 pilots formed a restart. The Frenchman Esteban Ocon had to give up because of overheated brakes on his Renault.

But this time, everything went smoothly when the red lights went out. At the top, Hamilton restored normal pecking order by first sucking teammate Bottas into the slipstream and then pulling it past. Behind them, Leclerc, third, gave the hosts a little hope of a sense of achievement on the big holiday. But soon the Monegasse could no longer defend itself against the pursuers. “We’re so slow,” he radioed to the pits – and fell far behind.

Ferrari rival Vettel had no chance again. With an inferior engine, the prospect of Ferrari ending the many years of winless series is minimal at best.

For superstar Hamilton, on the other hand, everything is going according to plan on the way to his seventh title. Another break in the race after Lance Stroll took a tough 45 laps at Racing Point, failed to take the Brit off the road to victory. After missing the podium in Monza due to a time penalty, he can now break Schumacher’s record in Sochi. With 222nd place in the points, he became another record champion in Mugello.

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